Moulton/Multon Family

John Multon
b. 1415 Ormsby, England
d. Ormsby, England

b. England
d. England

Robert Multon
b. 1465 Ormsby, England
d. 1535 Ormsby, England

married England

Margaret Wattes
b. England
d. England

John Multon
b. c1490 Ormsby, England
d. c1549 England

married England

b. Ormsby, England
d. England

Robert Multon
b. c1510 Scratby, Norfolk, England
d. Scratby, England

married England

Thomas Multon
b. c1535 Scratby, England
d. England

married England

Joanna Greene
b. 1532 England
d. September 1589 Norfolk, England

daughter of Richard Green b c1500

Robert Multon
b. 1577 Scratby, England
d. October 11, 1633 Hemsby, England

married May 15, 1595 Scratby, England

Mary Smith/Smythe
b. March 1580 Norfolk, England
d. April 1636 Great Ormsby, England

daughter of Henry Smythe d. 1825 Hemsby, England and
Brydgett d. 1612 Hemsby, England

William Moulton
b. 1615 England
d. April 18, 1664 Hampton, Hew Hampshire

married Hampton, New Hampshire

Margaret Page
b. 1629 England
d. July 13, 1699 Hampton, Hew Hampshire

daughter of Capt Robert Page

Hannah Moulton
b. Hampton, New Hampshire
d. November 6, 1687 Hampton, Hew Hampshire

married August 25, 1861 Hampton, New Hampshire

Josiah Samborne
b. 1664 Hampton, New Hampshire
d. 1728 Hampton, Hew Hampshire

a well-to-do man
owned part of a sawmill in 1693
representative from Hampton in 1695
Lived in Hampton, New Hampshire

William Samborn
b. March 26, 1682 Hampton, New Hampshire
d. April 3, 1718 Hew Hampshire shot by Indians

Served in Capt Green's Co in French War of 1712
Lived in Hampton Falls, New Hampshire

married December 20, 1704 New Hampshire

Elizabeth Dearborn
b. Hampton, New Hampshire
d. Hew Hampshire

daughter of Henry Dearborn
great great aunt of Maj-Gen Henry Dearborn - American Revolution

Sergeant Ezekiel Sanborn + Elizabeth Melcher

Edward Sanborn + Elizabeth Rundlett

Ezekiel Sanborn + Sally Dalton

John Ward Sanborn + Lydia Johnston

Sarah D Sanborn + Eli Hayes

Albert Peorie Hayes + Alma Young

William Leslie Hayes + Eva Lucille Morgan

Laura Evalyn Hayes + Francis J Thornton